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Šóńńźą˙ āåšńč˙
TOBACCO is an annual plant. Specific affect of tobacco on body depends on nicotine alkaloid presence in it. Average chemical composition of tobacco leaf depends on the type and sort of tobacco. For example: nicotine 1-4%, carbohydrate 2-20%, proteins 1-13%, organic acids 5-17%, including citric acid 1-5%, resin 4-12%, essences 0,1 -1,7%. These substances are less present in stalks. Smoking tobacco is produced by mixing raw tobacco mixture called “bag”. As a base material for the “bag” “skeletal” type raw tobacco with high gustatory index is used which is a required bar.

Tobacco is cultivated only by sprout method with sprouts growing in the frames on warm and cold beds. The hotbed ground is disinfected in special sterilizers before it is forced into the stuffing frame.

Tobacco’s cultivation needs warm and moderately-humid but not too hot climate, fertile and slightly sour soil.

The most widespread tobacco sorts include:
Immune – large-leaf tobacco, east type and skeletal group brought up in Sheki – Zakatala zone of Azerbaijan. It occupies the biggest area.
Humidity – from 11% to 16%
Leaf’s thickness - 0,060 mm
Average fiber’s thickness – 15,1 %
Average fiber’s contents – for 1 m2 – 44 g
Density g for 1 cube cm – 0,73
Porosity – 47.9%
Acid’s contents by Koler – 2,6%
Carbohydrate’s contents – 1.9%
Protein’s contents – 6,3%
Shmuk’s number – 0,03%
Nicotine’s contents – from 1,2% to 1,5%

Virginia is the most known and widespread tobacco sort. Virginia takes 70% out of all producible tobacco in the world,. It has natural sweet and amazingly pleasant aroma. Tobacco is characterized by high rate of sugar content and frequently used as a basis for different mixtures, but it is perfectly smoked as it is. Tobacco’s color is bright yellow. Usually it is exposed to processing by warm air as soon as it acquires golden color. It has thin delicate sweetish taste and has a pleasant feel in mouth.

Berley is young tobacco with fine aroma and absence of natural sweetness. It has got different sugar content and needs an extra fermentation, it has more nicotine. Berley has rich, sated nut aroma and pleasant easy flavour.
Basma is tobacco of aromatic group. It has natural aroma smell. The leaf’s color is orange-brown, light-brown.
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