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Among nut cultures hazelnut occupies one of the significant places. It is grown in natural conditions without chemical fertilizers.

The nutritious, curative and industrial property of hazelnut represents irreplaceable component at the manufacturing of confectionery products. And each kind of nuts is treasure chest full of vitamins and micro cells, amino acids, mineral salts.

The hazelnut has 58-71% of oil, 14-18% good for digestion proteins and amino acids, 2-5% of sugars represented by sucrose, and also vitamins of group B and , salts of iron.

The benefit of nuts is incontestable. All nuts have got particularly unique vitamins balance of microelements. They are rich in complex proteins necessary for tissue.

All sorts of nuts keep up their vitamins and nutritious properties not only during the season but for quite a long time.

The factory owned by the company is constructed and equipped with technology corresponding to Turkish analogues.

Maintaining numerous traditions of cultivation and storage of hazelnut harvest helps to keep up proper natural taste and quality.

The processes of treatment include sorting and calibration of raw hazelnut and clearing of a shell which is followed by kernels calibration.

Quality indicators:

Kernels size

9-11,11-13,13-15 mm


99.8 %


No more than 600 Becquerel / kg


Kernel of a hazelnut

Taste and smell


Humidity of kernel


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